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Nordanå Trä thrives in the global market and produces more than 70 000 m³ of sawn timber per year in an extremely efficient sawmill. All raw materials are sourced locally in Hälsingland – one of the best raw material districts in Sweden. Our suppliers have been with us for decades, so we know we can count on timely deliveries of quality timber. The raw material consists of ”Nordanå-kubb,” which are short lenghts of pine and spruce that we have introduced to the timber market in the region.

Quality and in-time-delivery are top priorities for everyone at Nordanå Trä. All product development is made in close cooperation with our customers all over the world.

You are welcome to place an order of sawn and processed pine and spruce in the dimensions 32×75 cm and 50×150 cm in the lenghts 2.4, 2.7 och 3.0 meter.  View our stock here

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Dimension (mm) Quality Length (m) Note
30 x 110 VI 3.0 13 12%
44 x 130 S/F 2.7 5 18%

Updated on: 2021-11-27 00:02 | Download as pdf, xlsx

Dimension (mm) Quality Length (m) Note
30 x 110 VI 3.0 35 12%
44 x 85 S/F 2.4 8 12%
44 x 85 S/F 3.0 43 12%
44 x 85 VI 3.0 10 18%

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About us

We are a specialised sawmill that processes environmentally certified timber into customised products, comprising sawn timber, raw material for pulp and energy commodities.

Our company continues to develop through organic growth, rationalisation and marketing initiatives. All product development is made in collaboration with our customers. Due to our commitment to the environment, we always look for alternative uses for by-products such as chips and sawdust. We continuously invest in new equipment to ensure quality products and services


Environment and certification

We strive to constantly reduce our environmental impact. The entire value chain is characterised by a large environmental responsibility, from raw materials to finished product. Our business is adapted to the traceability requirements from the international certification systems Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) and Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC™). This means that we can supply environmentally certified goods through an unbroken chain. Together with our suppliers we:

  • Care for environmental and social conditions
  • Care for biodiversity
  • Protect ecologically valuable habitats, heritage sites and important recreation areas
  • Provide employees with contractual agreements and safe work environments
  • Allow for transparency and the possibility for the public to influence their work

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Per-Erik Hedberg CLO
Jonas Linngård CEO
Fredrik Skärström Sales
Maria Bäckström CFO

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